Why is 3D Design Important for Pump & Valve Manufacturing Companies?

3D Design adds value to valve manufacturing companies. As buyers look for more efficient ways to test products before beginning production, D design is quickly becoming an essential tool in the valve manufacturing industry. The ability to test and review a product’s performance in the development stage improves efficiency and protects the bottom line financially. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Architecture, Engineering and Construction professionals (AEC) are designing in 3D virtual environments.  Top suppliers are responding by using 3D design software to add value to their clients.

In order to be more efficient, AECs are using collaborative and automated methodologies to integrate their workflow with suppliers. The use of 3D virtual design and Building Information Modeling (BIM) has become a standard practice allowing for better collaboration at all phases of the design process. Working with valve manufacturers using 3D software such as Revit or Navisworks helps AECs to be more accurate in the virtual process of testing.

Companies, such as valve manufacturers and fabricators, must be able to provide designs in a Revit or Revit compatible formats to speed up workflow and win more production contracts. As the industry progresses, companies that are unwilling, or unable, to provide 3D CAD information risk losing business to more technologically savvy competition.

Valve Manufacturers must convert their products into 3D models

D design is quickly becoming the standard in the fluid management industry but such changes in technology can present a significant challenge to small and medium size valve manufacturers.  Many of these companies have their designs in 2D renderings, or in some cases in paper drawings, and face a critical decision in determining the best way to allocate resources to upgrade older product plans to modern formats. After all 3D design is important for valve manufacturers.

It can be costly for many valve manufacturers to purchase software, hire and train designers to produce or convert files into 3D. Outsourcing the upgrades to an expert service provider can allow companies to allocate critical time and resources more effectively. Creating a digital library of existing products will help suppliers compete for new business and create more efficiency in future design and testing processes.

Making the investment in 3D technology is essential to supplier success. Creating a synergy between manufacturers and suppliers will streamline the process from design to production and open the doors to potential business. AECs are a significant source of revenue for small and medium size valve manufacturers. Keeping up with the demands of the industry is the best way to focus on winning new contracts in a competitive industry.