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Why Servintec?


We provide high-quality manufacturing solutions to ambitious original equipment manufacturers.


Quality Standards

Quality is our number one priority. Servintec is certified under IATF 16949, ISO14001, and General Motors Corporation's Quality System Basic Plus and is committed to the highest quality and environmental standards. Our team provides manufacturing services to various industries, meeting their every need while providing an exceptional standard of work and service.


Original Equipment Manufacturer

Our team has experience working with the most demanding OEMs in the world. We know what it takes to compete in the big leagues. We are used to working in the most stringent and challenging business environments. Our skilled team takes on designing and manufacturing solutions for our clients, delivering an end-to-end service built from years of industry knowledge and training.


CAD / CAM Modeling

We use different levels of automation in our manufacturing processes, depending on your needs. Our 3D CAD modeling capabilities support your design team in providing solutions to your clients. We assist you in designing, engineering, manufacturing, and delivering your products on time.


Labor and Environmental Compliance

We’re serious about our work, which includes our responsibilities. From our valued employees to the environment, we go above and beyond to hit every compliance milestone.


52 Years of Experience

We have been in the manufacturing industry for more than five decades. This makes Servintec an exceptional and reliable partner. We handle everything from 3D CAD modeling and manufacturing mass production projects. We utilize our unique expertise to satisfy your end customer.



If you need comprehensive manufacturing services for a wide range of products and purposes, we’re the reliable team for the job. Are you looking to outsource some of your production or for a high-quality supplier closer to home?


3D Design & Modeling

From on-point 3D design and modeling solutions, we provide our clients with the tools to bring their projects to life in a virtual environment. From re-designs of great products to product improvement or new projects, we support you in achieving your goals.


Reverse Engineering & Virtual Simulations (FEA / CFD)

Save costs without sacrificing quality with our virtual simulation and reverse engineering services.  We can help you test your products without manufacturing costly prototypes.

Our Clients


We have a strong history of partnerships in multiple industries!

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