The Risks of Manufacturing in China

Did you know that the Chinese manufacturing industry is valued at well over $4.2 trillion?

It’s no secret that China is the world’s largest manufacturing power, but not many people talk about the risks associated with choosing China, exclusively, as their sole source of manufacturing products. If you want to mitigate risk and provide the best products for your customers, then it’s worth looking into other alternative countries for manufactured products, including the USA. That way, your company will provide your customers with high-quality products and a competitive cost on a consistent basis.

Supply Chain Risks and Potential Delays

When it comes to doing business in China, you can’t forget that the country is on the other side of the globe. The only way to get the product after it’s manufactured is by using giant cargo ships. Although China and the US have optimized the logistical aspect of shipping across the Pacific Ocean, there are considerable risks that can negatively affect the supply chain. For example, massive supply chain disruptions were experienced in the aftermath of the COVID pandemic, which is still affecting companies and consumers. Also, changing weather patterns can also negatively affect shipping routes from China.

Most recently, international conflicts like the one resulting from the invasion of Russia into Ukraine have disrupted supply chains. A potential political or commercial conflict between countries in the Pacific rim could be catastrophic for companies sourcing products from Asia.

Any potential snags to this supply chain could be a financial catastrophe for companies. The inability to fulfill your obligations to customers could result in you losing out on a significant amount of revenue. By diversifying their supplier base and sourcing a percentage of products within the United States or neighboring countries, companies can reduce the risk that can impact profit margins.

Manufacturing in China

Quality Standards

American companies with sufficient financial strength have been able to secure reliable sources of manufactured products. However, smaller companies can have a tougher time finding the right partner. Not finding the appropriate manufacturing partner could negatively affect US companies’ reputations.

While China is capable of making high-quality products, the risk of receiving inconsistent and poor-quality products is high.

A small or medium size company might not be able to comply with the high minimum orders required by strong Chinese manufacturers. As a result, these companies might be forced to do business with companies that don’t meet the expected quality standards. Instead, working with local or regional suppliers might be a better option, as it would be easier to conduct due diligence on their operations.

Keeping it close to home

Focusing on quality, reliability, and safety helps companies attract good customers. Making sure customers appreciate the quality of a company’s products might allow companies to secure higher margins. Associating your brand with quality rather than the low price would increase the value of your business.

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