How Precise 3D Computer-Aided Design Drawings Increase Product Development

3D computer-aided design drawings are the standard for providing precise measurements and annotations. They allow product engineers to take their designs from paper to reality more quickly and accurately than ever before. This can save companies time and resources by creating more refined products with less effort.

Here are some of the ways that, when utilized properly, 3D CAD drawings can provide benefits over 2D drawings:

Precise Measurements and Annotations for Greater Accuracy

The most obvious benefit of using a 3D CAD drawing is that it provides a virtual replica of the product. Having what you need in front of you allows the user to have great precision when communicating their design with others or when assembling parts on an assembly line. 3D CAD drawings are also able to show different views of a part or assembly that can help provide greater understanding for others who need to work with the design. This means fewer flaws when it comes to production, saving companies time and money.

3D Computer-Aided Design Drawings

Quality Control & Assurance

The ability to see your product in great detail is one thing, but being able to accurately measure it – even something as simple as measuring a length of thread on a bolt or nut – makes all the difference when it comes down to producing high-quality products reliably. Another benefit of 3D CAD drawings is that all measurements and annotations are provided right on the drawing itself, which improves production speeds.

Improved Communication Between Team Members

3D CAD drawings make it easier for everyone to see the project from a different angle at any given time because they provide all of the data right there in a single drawing. By providing accurate dimensions, multiple views that can be changed at will, and annotations that communicate your process, 3D CAD drawings can help improve communication between members of a design team by making available one complete image of the product design as opposed to multiple fragmented pieces. This is important because well-connected teams are up to 25 % more productive.

Reduced Design Time & Costs

When everything you need is communicated clearly via an accurately detailed 3D rendering of your product, it can help reduce design time and costs. Quality measurements are one of the best ways to reduce errors, which will cut down on overall production time. When you’re able to take out unnecessary steps by cutting out communication or material costs associated with miscommunication, it means that you’re able to go from idea to final product more quickly at a lower cost.

By 2028, the global CAD market is forecast to reach $13.83 billion in size, up from $ 5.5 billion in 2018. So to find out more about how precise 3D computer-aided design can improve your product developments, contact the experts at Servintec USA today.