6 Questions to Ask Yourself to Ensure You Have a High-Quality Product

Establishing your brand is no easy task, especially if the market is saturated or fiercely competitive. If you want to be a top brand in your given industry, it’s vital that you focus on maintaining high-quality products to strengthen your company’s reputation and ensure your core audience chooses your brand over the competition.

At Servintec USA, we help companies to design, improve, and manufacture quality products. Over the years, we’ve learned that there are questions you can ask to help determine if you’re on the right track. These questions address the entire product development lifecycle, from concept to store shelves.

Here are six questions to ask yourself to guide your quest for product quality.

1. Does the Product Perform as Intended?

Uniformity and reliability are two important factors to inspect when it comes to product quality. It’s important to have stringent quality standards so that every product that makes its way to a customer is a hallmark example of high quality.

On average, it takes 6 to 7 interactions between brands before a lasting impression is made. Making sure your products work as intended for each of those interactions can solidify your brand as a reputable one, which is why getting the quality right is vital. It’s also important to make regular changes to products to address the changing needs of customers, so regular inspection should always be happening.

2. Is the Product Reliable Throughout a Specific Time Frame?

Without getting into the issue of planned obsolescence, it’s important to understand that products have an expected lifespan for customers. So when building high-quality products, you should strive to develop them with a specific time frame in mind. For example, smartphones should last at least 2 years otherwise consumers will feel that they haven’t received good value for money.

High-Quality Product

3. Does the Product Conform to Specifications?

Conformity to product specifications addresses both consumer and manufacturing perspectives. The product should perform the function advertised and also conform to any applicable regulatory constraints. This blend of specifications ensures that customers are satisfied with your product (and brand) and that you adhere to industry standards.

4. What Is the Lifespan and Durability of the Product?

Product engineers can design a product made of durable materials for long-lasting use. There’s a fine line between quality and cost. It’s important to keep the cost of goods sold within reasonable limits. However, using substandard materials seldom results in a long, useful life. Our team will work with your company to come up with practical designs that meet your budget and quality expectations.

5. Is the Product Serviceable?

Product serviceability measures how hard or easy it is to service a product. Convenient products require little to no maintenance. You can achieve high serviceability by engineering products with simplicity in mind. The more complex a product, the more easily it will break down and become useless.

6. Is Your Product Aesthetically Pleasing Well-Finished?

A well-designed product with limited utility will sell more quickly than an ugly one with an array of options. CAD 2D/3D drawings allow you to design superior products that look as good as they work. Our team can help you design or improve components and products that make customers happy.

Product Quality Designed by Servintec USA

By ensuring high product quality, you can gain brand loyalty and encourage clients to buy your products because they trust them. Having a product that meets the needs of your customers can lead to referrals and growth. You can also reduce consumer complaints, returns, and a bad reputation by starting off with a great design.

At Servintec USA, our engineers provide clean designs using proven CAD technology. Additionally, we can reverse engineer or improve your product then make it at our facility. Contact Us Today!